President Crawfish

I also came up with a secondary design for the 8th Annual Andy’s Big Ole Crawfish Rendezvous and this is it.

Crawfish Rendezvous 2017

For this year’s design I was asked to have the mascot (Otis) stir a pot of people. So here’s that.

The Menace

In 2006 I sat down to complete my first multi-page comic story since I was 12. “The Menace” is a character I’d been thinking up stories about for years but this isn’t one of them. I knew I wanted to make a short story using Brad Wilson (“The Menace”) and include some friends as supporting characters. I drew this using BlueLinePro art boards, lettered it in Adobe Illustrator, and did the tones in Photoshop. This was my first experience using digital tools in illustration and a real lesson on how powerful those tools are for making comics.